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Printing technology improvements sometimes come in unpredicted places.

The black powder we have been adding to copiers and printers for the previous sixty years doesn’t appear to have changed very much. It surely appears equivalent. But looks can be deceiving. As a consequence of many years of research, today’s toners flow better, store improved, fuse better, and develop new efficiently, resulting in cleaner, superior looking prints.

But under the surface, new technological advances in print servers and toner design have also enabled better, less costly, sooner and cleaner functioning equipment. The most recent improvement in toner technology is Emulsion Aggregation Toner (EA).

What is EA Toner?
EA Toner is chemical toner prepared by Emulsion Aggregation, or a chemical practice used to “grow” incredibly little, uniform particle sizes from even smaller size toner components. The EA process can deliver the most wanted size and narrow particle size distribution essential for tremendous color image quality. This small size and the relative consistency of all the particles in a particular “batch” of EA toner is additional predictable than the usual mechanical process of pulverizing extruded plastic for toner. It is also less power intensive.

How is it modern from other toners?
The usual toner producing procedure, consists of starting with only the correct plastic, melt mixing in pigment and special ingredients, and pulverizing the resultant block of composite plastic to a thin powder. To finish, the powder still has to be processed to remove outsized chunks and ultra fine particles. This multi-step process outcome in non-uniform particles with a somewhat broad size and shape distribution.

Top three customer benefits:
1. Sharper image excellence and better fine lines and text
2. Elevated reliability with lower service costs
3. Faster warm-up time — All the time ready
Microsoft Office picture manager works more reliable

With smaller toner particles, copies and prints can be created using less toner on the sheet and finer lines yielding a upper excellence look. With influence over the toner particle shapes during the aggregation phase, toners can be manufactured to transfer to the paper more effectively, resulting in less waste toner to discard.

There is nothing more irritating than walking up to a printer after sending a important manuscript and seeing the “Please wait while machine warms up” message. With EA toner the printer is permanently “At your service.” This is because of the thinner, additional lightweight fuser which enables the heat from the internal lamp to reach the heat roll surface incredibly quickly. The reality that EA toner has a low melt point and be capable of run with a wide range of temperatures makes this less complex fuser design feasible.

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