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Saving Your Mac Data Correctly

This article will briefly explain how to properly use an external back up drive with your computer. So often, my company gets a call with someone saying they had ALL of their information on a back up drive and it crashed. Unfortunately, when a back up drive crashes, 100% recovery of the data is usually not possible.

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Upgrade Onboard Computer Video.

Onboard/integrated/shared video memory is taken from your main computer memory(RAM). So if your computer has 256MB of shared video memory, and your computer has 1GB of RAM, your computer allocates 256MBs of it’s 1GB to your video. Which basically means your computer has 768MBs remaining for the rest of it’s functions.

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Upper Reliability At Minor Costs With The Emulsion Aggregation Toners.

Printing technology improvements sometimes come in unpredicted places.

The black powder we have been adding to copiers and printers for the previous sixty years doesn’t appear to have changed very much. It surely appears equivalent. But looks can be deceiving. As a consequence of many years of research, today’s toners flow better, store improved, fuse better, and develop new efficiently, resulting in cleaner, superior looking prints.

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Установка Windows 7 с USB флеш-накопителя (флешки).

Вариант 1
Флешка Corsair Survivor является одной из самых защищенных.

1) Вставьте Ваш флеш-диск в USB-порт.

2) Откройте ISO-образ Windows программой UltraISO

Скачать БЕСПЛАТНО UltraISO можно по следующей ссылке :UltraISO

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